A few years ago when all my friends started having babies & posting endless photos of their kids I swore I’d never do that. Fast forward to today & here I am adding a Motherhood section to my beauty blog. Turns out these tiny humans become your world & you don’t care who doesn’t want to see another photo of your baby’s drooly, gummy smile – it’s getting posted.

I’m a Mama, wifey, makeup hoarder & chocolate craver from ON, Canada who loves spreading kindness & making people feel good. I started this blog when I wasn’t loving an old job & needed a space that I was in control of. I’ve wanted to be a million different things in this world – dancer, photographer, marketer…the list goes on. I wanted a space where I could be all those things at once so I created this.

I love sharing what I love so that other people can love it too. Everything from beauty to babies while keeping it all very relatable cause making connections & learning from each other is what it’s all about.

Although I love a good edit, I hope you can feel my authenticity through the photos & stories I share. The world of social media is not going anywhere so it’s up to us as Mother’s to show our children that perfection doesn’t exist & being kind but fighting for what’s right will help make a difference in this world.