Beauty 101

Well well well, welcome to my first official post! Of course we’re getting things started in the beauty category, the category that will definitely fill up the fastest on this blog due to my obvious obsession.

The makeup craze for me started as a wee little dancer where full glam was second nature to me thanks to yearly recitals. In grade 6 I was allowed to wear my first piece of makeup to school – sparkles! – and from there sparkles turned into lip gloss and lip gloss turned into eyeliner. Before I knew it I was spending an hour every morning before school playing with makeup and experimenting with different looks on the regular. Not only did I enter high school with a shiny new pair of braces, but I was fortunate enough that hormonal acne come along for the ride too. From there leaving the house without makeup was never an option as I wanted my favourite features to be the main focus instead of my imperfections first. These products were not only fun to play with but I was able to feel confident while showcasing the parts I loved most about myself. That’s where the real love began.

After high school I toured SOMA: The School of Makeup Art in Toronto with serious plans to attend and live my life as a certified makeup artist. Instead I choose a career in dance which lead me to becoming a dancer for a popular baseball team, then a brand ambassador for a popular radio station, then a marketer for a popular sports tv station, then finally to now: an operations manager for a popular beauty company. Along my journey beauty was always a passion of mine and once the YouTube and blog world came into play, that passion turned into obsession and here we are!

I am very much a non-makeup-artist junkie. I’m not going to give you the best advice from an artistry point of view but if you’re looking for a realistic approach on products for the everyday kinda gal, then you’re in the right place. My makeup style really does change with my mood but for the most part I lean towards the more convenient, wearable looks. I wouldn’t say “natural” is a great word to describe my looks as you can clearly tell I’m wearing makeup (which I’m totally okay with) but on a regular basis, you most likely won’t see false lashes or any intense coloured eyeshadows on my face.

I’m extremely lucky that working in the beauty industry allows me to try all sorts of products so I’m excited to use this space to share my thoughts & looks with any fellow beauty junkies out there!


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