Dua Lipa – New Rules

Music means something different to everyone. For me it’s my mood changer, party starter, chill vibe setter, make me feel whatever I wanna feel…er. Okay I couldn’t think of anything else with an “er.” But it’s one of the few things in life that can transform your current state and take you wherever you wanna go. It can connect people without interaction, make you feel emotions you never knew you had, and even in your laziest moments, it can make you wanna dance a little.

Music has always been a part of my life from being a dancer, to constantly being quizzed on song titles from my Dad the-music-wiz, to working at a radio station…it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed and that’s why I wanted to write about it here.

There’s not a particular genre or artist I love the most (although we all want to be Beyoncé), I just enjoy any song that makes me feel something. This section will be all about the music I’m currently lovin with songs that deserve to be heard by anyone who stops by.

To get things started I’m sharing my current fav that isn’t too new anymore but still makes me dance every time I hear it. It would also be my go-to karoke song at the moment if I had to choose one (just sayin). The song’s got a catchy beat & a high level of sass which I’m all for. She’s no stranger to the charts but is getting closer to the top with her latest singles and I’m sure we’ll see her name there for a long while to come.

Check out New Rules by Dua Lipa!


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