First Impression + Swatches – Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer in Tan-Tastic

Oh the limited edition Tan-Tastic bronzer. Ever since I started religiously watching beauty videos on YouTube every guru talked about this bronzer and their extreme obsession with it. This limited edition bronzer was originally released last year and just recently they brought it back. This time it is still in the limited edition white packaging however, word on the street is this shade will be made permanent just in their regular black packaging.

Trying to get my hands on this puppy was tough though. It was continuously out of stock on the Sephora & Marc Jacobs websites and I even had it in my cart, went to checkout, and it sold out in those few seconds it took me to get there. So I signed up for the email notifications on the Sephora website and the second I saw that *Back In Stock* email I quickly ran and added it back into my cart, this time actually making it to the checkout page. It arrived in my mail a few days later (thanks to Sephora Rouge shipping) and the moment I laid eyes on it I was so intrigued.

The Packaging

Without a doubt, the white & rose gold packaging is what made me buy this. Other than the obvious hype around the product, I am such a sucker for beautiful packaging and even though I learned this shade would be made permanent, I would be kicking myself if I didn’t pick it up in this beautiful limited edition colour. It’s sleek, it’s sturdy, and it has a big beautiful mirror which is always an added bonus.

The Price

This product retails for $59 CAD on the Sephora website and there’s no doubt it’s definitely one of the pricier bronzers I’ve purchased. The amount of product you get though is what makes this price so reasonable. When compared to the Anastasia bronzer for example, in that one you get 10g of product for $36 CAD. With the Marc Jacobs bronzer you get 25g of product for $59 CAD which makes it (cue Chandler voice) “a friggin steal.”

The Formula

I will admit the formula surprised me a bit. With most of my bronzers it usually takes one swipe to get the amount of desired pigment but with this one, I find myself having to pack more on my brush to get the same colour payoff. I typically use the Real Techniques blush brush for bronzer but I’m going to try using this one with a denser brush to see if that helps with the colour payoff. You may actually like the fact that it takes some effort to build up, especially if you’re on the fairer side and find that most bronzers are too intense.

The Smell

Kind of a weird heading but I was a little worried about the coconut scent this product has. I’ve used the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in the past and the smell of that one was not my fav. It was a nice bronzer but the smell is what made me unfortunately toss it out of my makeup collection. So when I learned this product also had a coconut smell I was prepared to not love it. As soon as I opened it that’s one of the first things I noticed, the smell. Right away my first thought was that it had a more mature coconut scent if that makes any sense. The only way I can describe it compared to the Butter Bronzer is that it has a more grown up scent and I actually don’t mind it. If you’re not into anything with a fragrance then don’t you worry! The smell of this goes away the moment you put it on your face.

The Shade

Other than the beautiful packaging, the shade is what really what intrigued me the most. So many people raved about how this was a cooler toned bronzer and with my very neutral undertone I knew I had to try it. You’ll see in the swatches below that it is cooler compared to the other bronzers pictured there. My favourite bronzer is actually the contour shade in the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. It’s not really meant to be a bronzer but I find it super flattering on my neutral complexion and it still makes me look super tanned & glowy. When I compare the Marc Jacobs one to it, the Marc Jacobs one is slightly warmer & definitely more matte.

Overall I’m definitely a fan of this bronzer but I’ll admit I wasn’t as blown away as I thought I’d be. If you’re fair with a more golden undertone, I think you will LOVE it. It’s definitely a gorgeous bronzer but it doesn’t quite beat my Charlotte Tilbury favourite just yet. I’m curious to see how it will look this summer as my skin changes with the summer sun. Have you tried this bronzer? Let me know your thoughts below or if you plan on trying this one out!


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