REVIEW – Hello Bello Canada!

Since the day I saw Kristen Bell + Dax Shepard on Ellen talking about their new line of affordable baby products, I’ve been eagerly awaiting their arrival in Canada…and by eager I mean stalking their Instagram page weekly in sheer anticipation.

The moment I saw they had finally landed in our homeland, I immediately went to their site to sign up for their monthly subscription box.

The Hello Bello mission is quite simple: to provide premium baby products for all. They’ve created high quality products at an affordable price because they want everyone to be able to provide the best possible care for their children.

They’re honest & transparent when it comes to their ingredients & their witty marketing is the most relatable thing a parent can read.

In addition to purchasing my monthly subscription box Hello Bello was kind enough to send me some extra goodies which I’ve been testing for a week & ready to share my thoughts on everything including my top 3 must try products! There’s so much to say so let’s just get started:


Hands down my absolute favourite Hello Bello product. Not only do they have the CUTEST prints (hello sleepy sloths), they’re the softest diapers I’ve ever felt which I know provides the comfiest fit for my daughter. When I first held these diapers I noticed how thin they were which led me to believe they wouldn’t be that absorbent – wrong. We’re actually able to use these as her nighttime diapers with the amount they hold. The fit is so good that I actually had someone ask one day if she was even wearing a diaper…and my daughter was wearing leggings! I’m also happy to report that she has never had an explosion with how high these diapers come up her back. Not even the teething days where she pooped 13 times in 2 days!!! Sorry TMI but seriously, so good. I could go on about these but I`ll stop here & just say you MUST. TRY. THEM…oh & their ingredients are so good for the tush.

Organic Baby Powder

Since we`re on the topic of tush’s, lets talk diaper rashes. We were using a diaper cream since the day she was born but during her teething days she developed her first diaper rash & nothing seemed to be working until we tried this powder. After 3 days of using this product her rash had significantly improved & one week later it was gone, yes GONE. We’ve been using this every day since & I’m not sure we’ll ever go back.

Plant Based Wipes

Hello Bello has two types of wipes, ones that are meant for baby (snot, poop, etc) & others that are actually FLUSHABLE & meant for the entire family! The baby wipes are on the thinner side so you may want to double up for those real messy situations but they’re so soft + gentle to use & the baby ones are textured too which I love. I literally have their wipes all around my house because I use them for everything!

Lavender Bubble Bath

Another one of my favourite products! This bubble bath smells delightful & you only need the slightest bit for a bath full of foam. I love a bubble bath that has healthy ingredients because there’s a 100% chance your baby will eat the bubbles or if they’re older they WILL make a Santa Claus beard outta them…common you know we all did this. I’m not saying it’s healthy for them to consume but I do rest easier knowing they aren’t swallowing a bunch of harmful chemicals when they do.

Shampoo & Body Wash

I always find it silly to purchase a separate shampoo & body wash for your baby who has the tiniest amount of hair so I love a product that can be used as both. This one in particular lathers up nicely & is gentle enough for newborns but tough enough for the dirtiest of toddlers. When it comes to the scent I prefer the Lavendar scent over the Vanilla Apricot but if you’re into sweeter scents you’ll love this one.

Baby Lotion

What I love most about their lotion is how little you need for maximum softness. Unlike most baby lotions I’ve tried, this one has a thinner consistency but absorbs so quickly into the skin without any greasiness. It comes in 3 different scents & can be used from head to the teeniest toe.

Baby Oil

I typically use baby lotions over oils mainly because I’m scared of turning my child into a grease ball but I was pleasantly surprised with this one. It left her skin super soft & absorbed so nicely into her skin. It took a bit longer that a lotion of course but she definitely wasn’t the greasy mess I was anticipating. I also tried a little baby massage on her which I figured would result in her squirming away but she actually sat still and enjoyed her little after bath treatment. If your little one has super dry skin & lotion ain’t doing the trick, give this one a try!

My Top Picks

If you’ve made it this far you’re either wondering what my favourites are or wondering if I’ll ever stop rambling & I’m happy to say yes, here are my top 3 picks:

1. Diapers – we’ve said goodbye to diaper rashes & explosions since trying these bad boys & hello to the softest, cutest, comfiest diapers one adorable tushie can handle.

2. Organic Baby Powder – soft, silky & soothing. If you have yet to find a powder that will cure your baby’s booty give this a try!

3. Bubble Bath – so gentle to use & the bubbliest fun for the whole fam.

Thank you so much to Hello Bello for finally bringing their goodies to Canada! These products have quickly become a household staple & there’s so many more products I’m excited to try. I believe in 2020 they’ll be bringing their line to Walmart Canada which will be AMAZING because every baby really does deserve the best ingredients for their skin & their planet.

Shop Hello Bello Canadian products HERE & use code CANADA15 for 15% off your purchase!


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