The Places I’ve Been to The Places I’ll Go

If you’ve stumbled upon this post then you’re probably wondering what this Lifestyle section is all about. “Lifestyle” in general could really mean ANYTHING, so that’s exactly what this section will be about – anything. Anything other than beauty or music that I feel an itch to write about will be featured here. Fashion, travel, home decor, food if I’m feeling hungry. Although I’m beauty obsessed, I’m also super fascinated to learn the way other people live. Sure some may just call it nosey, but I always find myself scrolling through this section on fellow bloggers sites to learn advice or tips on the everyday stuff in life or just to be inspired. Will I accomplish anything of those things in this section? Perhaps. But if not, this can just be the section for you to read when you’re bored and have absolutely nothing else goin’ on with your day.

So here we are, with the first post in this section and with my upcoming honeymoon right around the corner it’s only fitting to talk about TRAVEL! Ohh the travel bug. It’s been almost 4 years since I’ve enjoyed a relaxing beach vacation and let me tell you, I NEED IT! My last beach trip was a family vacation to Jamaica back in 2014 and after that it was all about purchasing my first home + having the wedding of my dreams which = no moola for vacay. Although we’re still paying for those amazing life changing events, I can’t express how important it is to put some time & money aside for a full out vacation or even a mini weekend getaway.

A New Year’s resolution that I plan to start this year and continue every year after, is to travel some place old and some place new. A new place because I’m sure you have a list of beautiful dreamy places you’d love to visit. And a place you’ve been to and loved so you can relive those memories that made you love it initially.

Below are all the destinations I’ve been so lucky to travel to along with two places that are next on my wish list!

The Places I’ve Been
  1. LA + LAS VEGAS 2008
  2. CAYO COCO 2010
  3. COZUMEL 2011
  4. MIAMI 2012
  5. PUNTA CANA 2012
  6. JAMAICA 2014
  7. NEW YORK 2016
  8. CALGARY 2017


The Places I’ll Go

Costa Rica 2018!
Leaving tomorrow! (…but actually!) It’s been 4 months since our wedding day and we are finally off to our honeymoon tomorrow! We got married in November which is a pricier time for all-inclusive resorts and for work it was also a black-out period for us (boo). So naturally we saved some extra bucks and waited till now to take our honeymoon. We knew we wanted a relaxing all-inclusive vacay in a place we’ve both never been but also a place that was a bit different than the resorts we’ve travelled to in the past. Costa Rica checked off all those boxes for us and when I heard I could feed monkeys at this particular resort, our flights were booked!

Scotland 2020…?
My dream place! Originally for our honeymoon we wanted to take 2 weeks and travel to Scotland & the Philippines as that’s where each of our families are from. We learned that a) this would be more costly and we’re not necessarily rolling in the dough after having our dream wedding and b) we really wanted to chillax on a beach after planning our dream wedding. Plus I’ve been craving an ice cold mojito lately. We definitely plan to do that trip eventually and when we do I’d love to also see other parts of the UK too. From the scenery, to the music, to the fashion, to the accents, to the beer…I truly believe that if I had to live in any where else in the world, it would be somewhere in the UK. So let’s hope that whenever I go it lives up to the hype I’ve created in my mind, no pressure. 2020 is the goal but anytime before then would be a-ok with me too.

There are so many other beautiful cities on my list to visit but I’d love to see my dream place first!


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